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Travel by bus with a child

Bus is unfortunately not too comfortable means of transport for families with children.Few places, long stay in the same position, often no access to the toilet, stops only at certain times — this is not encouraging.
Admittedly, a child under 4 years of age in Poland is entitled to a free ride. But this is a dubious plus, because you do not have to be a separate place then. If there are more passengers, he must travel on his parents’ lap. It may be a torment both for him and for us. It is better, therefore, to buy a separate seat for the child.

It’s best to sit by the window — it’s interesting and you can open it if you need it. Let’s choose a place away from the wheel axis, then we will avoid the biggest shocks.
We’re carrying a baby in a car seat — it’s much safer. In the event of sudden braking, do not overwhelm him with his weight nor fall out of our hands. Unfortunately, scrolling and feeding on a bus trip is very difficult.
Let’s use the stops on the route. If possible, let the preschooler run out and pee. Let the baby crawl and let him eat. It is worth ventilating.

On the bus, the symptoms of motion sickness may accompany the child more often than when driving. You can read about its prevention on the next page: Motion sickness.
Another disadvantage is the fact that it is usually stuffy in buses without air conditioning. And in those with air conditioning can turn out to be too cold. Such a journey, especially for an infant, may end with a cold.
In Poland, we have a baggage allowance, usually up to 20 kg. The driver may refuse to take extra luggage, which is a stroller, if there is not enough space in the hatch.

Bus carriers specializing in transport services offer 80% discount for children under 4 years of age and up to 12 years old 50%. The weight of the main luggage can not exceed 25 kg, and the hand luggage 5 kg (it must fit on the bus shelf). We must pay extra for extra trolley luggage.

What to take?

In total, we advise against traveling by bus, especially with a smaller child.Unfortunately, however, we can not get anywhere using any other means of transport.Therefore, if we have to, let’s prepare for such a trip.

It is important to have in your hand luggage food and drink (non-carbonated!) For baby, change clothes, wet and ordinary handkerchiefs and, of course, toys and books. A small cape or headboard will also be useful and something to cover the baby when he falls asleep.

When we are traveling by bus with an infant, do not forget about feeding and rewinding accessories, at least 3-meter diapers, boiled water in a thermos flask and a spare teat. If the baby is already eating dishes from the jars, take a few (they are irreplaceable when traveling). Let’s not forget about the bib, preferably apron and of course two teaspoons. In a long journey on hot days, a small battery-operated fan can be useful for cooling the mouth of a toddler. It’s good to take spare batteries.
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