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Travel bus — advantages and disadvantages

What we travel is important not only when it comes to travel time, but also the comfort of such moments spent. The price of the trip is also not insignificant, especially if we are forced to calculate the cost of the trip and we try to find savings to be able to visit more places on the spot and take advantage of more local attractions. The coach is one of the means of transport most frequently chosen by Poles for longer holidays. Although it has its advantages and disadvantages, there is no doubt that it can be an ideal option for many people in many respects. It is worth to realize, however, the specificity of traveling in this way, because people doing it for the first time do not always have a full view of the situation. It happens that they leave unhappy with their departure, and you could easily avoid it. Here are the pros and cons of coach trips — shorter ones and those that count hundreds or thousands of kilometers.

Bus trip and its disadvantages
For many people, this form of travel will be really attractive and will be able to overlook the inconvenience of it or will not notice them at all due to the different tolerance of discomfort. The probability calculus, however, clearly proves that almost also so much may regret later choice, discovering what negative consequences from each other brought. In the case of a bus trip the biggest drawbacks are:
— uneven travel comfort (everything depends on how worn out the copy will take us on vacation, but you can make sure in this subject by booking a ride — which unfortunately not everyone does),
— the length of the journey (in the 100-300 km section it is not too burdensome, but if the destination is much further away, we can spend up to one day of your well-deserved holidays on the bus),
— bus equipment or those that do not work fully (this is a problem of older and neglected vehicles from this group),
— contraindications to travel for people who have problems with the circulatory system or motion sickness,
— low punctuality (we get to the place very often with a delay, which after a dozen hours spent sitting can be irritating).

The advantages of traveling by bus
The opposite front in this combination are the advantages of choosing this means of transport. The coach is sometimes cumbersome, but it does not mean that there is nothing positive and not worth seeing. On the contrary, the advantages here are numerous, and belong to them primarily:
— low prices of the trip (often a return ticket costs us less than even a trip by special, several-person buses, traveling from our country abroad or by train, about the aircraft, not to mention, although this is not the rule),
— when renting a whole bus, we can often get a group discount,
— many well-equipped vehicles that will not let us get bored in a long journey (air-conditioned, with a coffee bar, TV and DVD players),
— the ability to follow local local landscapes, which in many cases can be fascinating, eg when we are going to another country,
— good adaptation to long trips (fold-out armchairs can make the sleep time much more pleasant),
— Coach trips are much more frequent than in the case of flight connections.

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