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What is the difference between a relaxed and irritated passenger of long-distance buses? There are many possibilities, for example outside the internal attitude to driving a bus, it also often helps to simply prepare for a coach trip that will allow you to fully enjoy the bus journey. Especially if you have a long-distance coach trip in front of you, such as Berlin — Warsaw. What can you observe then? Below are the 10 best tips for traveling by coach.

1. Do not spend too much

In general: Anyone who books in advance pays less. First of all, on public holidays, the price of bus tickets is a rarity and they are usually sold out much earlier.

Here is a special tip: Many bus operators like, for example, Polishbus.com, have earlier issued bus tickets for 1 PLN *, eg on the Kraków — Budapest bus route. You can find more information on finding great deals on coach tickets on the blog.

If you want to travel by bus during the week, you can usually wait for the long-distance bus booking, because it happens that a few days before the bus ride you can find favorable offers.

* plus PLN 1 booking fees

2. Stay without stress

It is always best to find a bus journey that offers the right amount of time in the schedule. Choose a bus service that offers the least possible change and consider that the bus may have a delay.

3. Print the ticket

Also when you have a coach ticket in a digital form, such as on a smartphone, which is enough for most bus operators, but it is always good to have a bus ticket with you in case of a discharged battery in a mobile phone.

Who for the first time travels to a specific city by a long-distance bus, make it easier for you to have a printed copy of: the appropriate part of the city plan, hotel reservation, bus network plan, in selected cases, return ticket or return plan, etc ..

4. Use the coach travel time appropriately

Think early how you want to spend time on a coach trip. There are many bus operators who offer media or free reading, but this may not be interesting enough for you.

A few suggestions:

Take your book or newspaper with you.
Be productive and deal with delayed matters such as phone calls to grandma or do things like homework, lecture, presentation etc.
Or just be quiet on the bus and sleep a bit. In this case, it may be practical to bring a sleeping mask, stoppers and a small pillow with you.

5. Adequate luggage

Przemyśl is: When traveling by coach, they must give their luggage to the luggage compartment, which is usually located under the vehicle. While driving, you do not have access to it, for example to reach for a book or a pillow. For this reason, pack the most-needed items preferably into your hand luggage. This will not have a positive impact on a quiet bus trip, when shortly after the start of the bus trip you will notice that the headphones or an interesting book are packed in the main luggage.

Below is a short list of the most needed things while traveling by bus:

-Food and drinks
-Sleeping mask and pillow
-Book, newspaper, magazine

6. Punctuality

Try to be punctual because a long-distance bus is not waiting! If someone does not know exactly where the start or destination of the bus trip is, then it is best to print the relevant part of the map in advance. At the beginning you will save valuable minutes, because you will know everything about the place of departure. You can get acquainted with the surroundings of your travel destination during the bus journey. Possible city transport connections can also be specified in advance. All this will allow you to avoid the stress associated with departure and arrival.


7. Food and drink

Driving a bus gives you double pleasure when you have something tasty to eat or drink. Do not forget, however, choose such delicacies, the smell will not be too intense and will not disturb your traveling companions on the bus.

Tip: Intense aromas can be consumed over longer bus journeys during breaks, outside the bus. Some bus operators also offer snacks and drinks on board. In practice, however, it is better not to rely only on this.

8. Do not forget to take your luggage from the bus

It’s best to understand where the bus driver has packed your luggage thoroughly. He will be grateful when you later tell him about it when he releases his luggage. At the final stop often all luggage are taken out of the bus and you can once

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