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It might seem that a bus trip is an activity without any major risks. Unfortunately, this is just an illusory idea, because it is a time when we are exposed to many dangerous situations. That is why a safe bus ride is very important to us.

Have you ever wondered how it is with this security at bus stations and on buses? What can happen on the bus or at the bus stop?

Unfortunately, there are many threats and you need to be aware of their existence in order to try to counteract or minimize their effects. Below I will describe to you the dangers and possible methods of action that may result in a certain event.

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At the beginning I have to mention that there are two types of communication in which there are different types of threats or different probabilities of their occurrence. I mean public communication in a given city and communication on longer sections of the route, sometimes lasting several or more hours. Therefore, we must pay attention to various things in order to be really safe on the road.

Threats in bus communication

Threats can be divided into two groups. The first is the threat from criminals wanting to use our haste, lack of concentration and bad security of our luggage, for example. The second form of threats is the risk coming from the bus drivers. I do not want to say here that bus drivers consciously bring threats to us, but through their negligence can increase the risk of their occurrence. More on this subject below.

Safe bus and driver

Do we as passengers of the bus affect our safety, considering the driver? Unfortunately, I have little impact! Fortunately, there are areas that we can pay attention to, thereby increasing our safety while driving by bus. We can at any time assess the psychophysical condition of the driver to determine whether he is under the influence of alcohol or whether he is not excessively tired, such as lack of sleep. Fatigue and falling asleep at the wheel caused 549 accidents, where 85 people were killed and 864 injured (source: statystyka.policja.pl, statistics for 2015). Fortunately, in 2015 there was only one road accident caused by a drunken bus driver, where only one person was injured.

Safe Driving By Bus

Remember! You have the right to call a police patrol whenever you have reasonable grounds for the driver being under the influence of alcohol. You are not sure! Ask the passenger next to him if he has similar feelings.

For longer journeys, each driver has a statutory obligation to comply with the norms of working time behind the wheel. You as a passenger can also pay attention to this and if you break these standards, you have the right to protest and ultimately call the Police patrol. Remember that for longer journeys the driver should have an alternate. Below, the driver’s working time is clearly illustrated.

Driver’s offenses

Remember! You have the right, even the moral obligation to pay attention to the offenses committed by the driver while driving — not just by bus. Your health depends on it, and maybe life.

It is worth paying attention to the technical condition of the bus, but unfortunately here we have limited possibilities that come down to checking the bus tires. If the tires are «bald» then getting into such a vehicle is associated with high risk.

Safe Driving By Bus

Driver’s working time
The daily driving time may not exceed: norm — 9 hours, extended — 10 hours maximum 2 times a week.

Driving time must not exceed: during the week — 56 hours, in two consecutive weeks — 90 hours.

Maximum driving time without a break — 4.5 hours.

Break in driving — at least 45 minutes or at least 15 minutes and the next, at least 30 minutes.

Daily rest period — at least 11 uninterrupted hours in each 24-hour period.

The basis of: legal basis of the abovementioned standards is the Act of 16 April 2004 on the working time of drivers and Regulation (EC) No. 561/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 15 March 2006.

Above we discussed the matters related to the coach and mainly the driver. I deeply hope that you will not start to look at the driver as a person to be watched. Remember about common sense 🙂

Accidentally met people
Let us now turn to issues related to the dangers of third parties staying at railway stations or traveling with us on the bus. Very often it happens that during the journey, especially long-distance ones, we introduce people who are going next to us. Involuntarily we talk to them. At such times, we must be very careful and distrustful of unknown people. It will be best if you do not include casual acquaintances.

Under no circumstances should you accept food from people unknown to you. A drink or cookie can contain a deliberately added sleeping remedy, after which you wake up without luggage, and what’s worse you will not remember any details of the trip.

Try to be cautious about the particularly attractive proposals for cooperation or buying things at very affordable prices. It will be an attempt to extort money or get information about where you keep the wallet with the money.

Safety of money on the go
Pickpockets and baggage thieves are very active at stations and more and more often on buses. Their methods of operation are very sophisticated, and professionals are able to observe the victim for a very long time in order to get as much information as possible about it, including:

-where he stores the wallet
-where he stores any additional cash
-Whether the victim is distracted, tired
-whether the luggage he has on him has attractive content
-if the victim is alone on the go
-how much money he picks from an ATM
That’s why you have to remember some good advice! Always carry the wallet in the inside pocket of the jacket or front pocket of the trousers. Do not have a lot of money with you, and if you already have more cash on you, divide it into 2-3 parts and put it in different places. If you walk with a purse or a backpack, always carry it in the front with the best closure facing you so that it can not be opened.

Safe bus ride

Never leave your luggage unattended. Leaving a purse, briefcase or suitcase for up to 10 seconds can make you never see it again. The thief is a few meters away from you and is just waiting for your mistake! The most convenient time to steal from the thief is when it’s time to get on the bus. Then every poke you get when approaching or getting inside the coach is most likely an attempt to «anesthetize» you so that you do not feel the theft.

A way for first aid

There are many ways to divert your attention from luggage, where first-aid is the most sophisticated. Two or three thieves prepare a scene, where one of them succeeds, for example, heaps a heart, and another steal from the passengers, taking advantage of the fact that they are busy watching the situation.

Dream on the go

If you travel by bus alone, beware of sleep. Sleeping while traveling may turn out to be a very big mistake. Naturally, if you travel together, you can sleep in a change.

Where’s your wallet?
What’s the easiest way to find out where you carry your wallet? Thieves use the method of feeling fear, that is, they pass by potential victims and point to a «thief» in a particular direction or shout «for my God, I was robbed, where my wallet». This results in an immediate reflex in which the people who heard this grab the place where they store the wallet or phone.

You can complain that I tell thieves how they can work 🙂 Unfortunately! They know a lot more than me about methods of theft!

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