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Quick drive from Szczecin to Berlin

Szczecin and Berlin are located very close to each other, only 151 km. Many people, mostly from Poland, travel between these two places quite often. Berlin, as the multicultural capital city, is especially interesting direction for migration because of work, studies and other opportunities that people might find there. Many of those who already settled down there, still have families and friends left in Szczecin, so they travel a lot between these two cities. What’s more, there are two big, international airports in Berlin, Schönefeld and Tegel, what’s always a good reason to make this city an important transport center.

Basically you can travel between these cities using three different kinds of transport and in this article we’ll try to explain in details how to get there and what’s the price.

The first and the cheapest way is just taking a bus Berlin Szczecin. There are different carriers offering their services on this route, but definitely one of the cheapest is PKS Berlin Szczecin, which may cost even 10 PLN (less than 3 euro!) if you buy your ticket in advance! The prices for tickets are different, mostly it’s between 5 to 12 euro, but sometimes you can buy it for less or for much more, depending on operator.There are many private carriers in Poland and Germany which offer their transport service in totally different hours, basically all day and most of the night time. You can travel with operators like PKS Szczecin, BERLINeks, B.P. Interglobus Tour and others. The travelling time is between 2 to 3 hours and the price mostly up to 20 euros.

There are also many buses between the airport Schönefeld and Szczecin for the price between 3 and 20 euros, depending on carrier. The travelling time is between 2h — 2h30min. You can pay the similar price for the travelling between Szczecin and Berlin Tegel airport, but the travel takes a bit longer, around 3 hours.

There is also a possibility to take a train from Berlin Lichtenberg railway station to Szczecin Główny. The travel by German company Regional Express might take less than 2 hours and costs around 29-38 euros. There are also other possibilities of travelling by train on this route, but the travelling time is much longer and there is a necessity to change trains in Kostrzyn, so all together this option of travel is not as convenient as a direct train. There are no direct trains from the airports to Szczecin, but one can take a train to the city and then change to the train to Szczecin.

If you want to go from Berlin to Szczecin by car, you have few possibilities, but basically you can choose among three available routes. The first one is the travel by road A11 which is 151 km, the second one includes roads DK31 and A11 (172 km) and the third one is road B158 which is 168 km.

Of course the way of transport you’ll select for yourself depends on your possibilities and individual needs, but basically you can choose among three ways described above.

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