Places To Go To in Augsburg

Konig von Flandern

Finding Great Restaurants in Augsburg

Konig von Flandern is famous for their home-brewed beers and large servings of food that go with these drinks. Try the dunkles and helles varieties, as well as the Alligator beer type. They also serve schweinshaxe mit kartoffelknodel here. Look for Konig von Flandern at Karolinenstrasse 12, or ask around.

Enjoying Augsburg Cafes and Lounges

In Schertlinstrasse, there is one high-end restaurant called simply Manyo. As you can probably guess, it serves Japanese cuisine in suitable serving portions. One meal will probably require ten portions per person (maximum) just so you go away satisfied. Whether you speak pure German or pure Japanese, staff will understand.

simply Manyo
simply Manyo

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