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How to withstand a long bus trip?

Every year, many of us ask ourselves: where to vacation? If our choice falls on a country that can be reached both by plane and by road, the next dilemma is usually the choice between them. To go or fly? — many tourists, going by the way of thinking that «what I save on the fly, I will spend on the spot», chooses a long and tiring bus trip. However, it often happens that a 24-hour bus ride can exceed the expectations of travelers, especially those who go for the first time on such a long journey.

I know from my experience that I have already sat in the bus for long hours, that time can sometimes stand still and it would seem that the journey will never end. Nothing more frustrating, especially when the traveling companions do not share our preferences (eg a modest need for peace and quiet!), Or when we begin to feel physical ailments. Then the situation becomes unbearable not only for you dear travelers, but also for the pilot. That is why I think that it is worth reading some advice of someone who has already had a long, and sometimes very long journey and draw conclusions from them, that all of us would travel more pleasantly.

A day in the bus is really a lot of time. It’s worth being prepared for it. First of all, it is worth analyzing the departure and arrival times and the more or less hours of traveling through the given borders. Usually, during such long journeys, I divide it into sections — «from border to border». Entering a given country I calculate quickly how much I will be in it and count down the time only to the next border. Thanks to this time does not slow down because more often you think about this closer to the goal than about the final one. People with motion sickness should plan while taking next doses of medicines and equip themselves just in case with plastic bags, mineral water and mint candies.

What is worth taking with you?
It’s worth taking a few things to make the trip more enjoyable. I always put a newspaper and a book in my hand bag. Two things where time passes very quickly. The thicker the newspaper the better, but not necessarily the industry, because reading about the same subject can be tired (unless someone is an exceptional enthusiast). The exam always passes any daily newspaper purchased on the day of departure, to be fresh with information, and a large amount of additions to it will also take some time. Reading the newspaper does not require us to be completely focused, the texts are short, and you can also read at random. The book will be appreciated by people who can cut themselves off from the company’s talks, the sound of roadways or the TV on. Currently buses are standard equipped with DVDs. So let’s take your movies too, in order not to be condemned to a coach movie, which is often very poor (with all due respect for those drivers who care about the right amount of movies). I do not think that any pilot or driver forbids letting go of their films, unless it is a very drastic or controversial cinema (although it always depends on the group). When I turn on any movie then I do not do anything but watch it (of course if I can, I’m finally at work). Even if it’s a movie that I’ve seen a few times or a movie that is completely uninteresting to me. Thanks to this, they will «escape» me another two hours. I assume that if a movie flies, it is a pity, for example, to «waste» a newspaper reading its articles, send a text message or solve a crossword puzzle. I can leave this «entertainment» for later, and if I am dreaming about watching a little interesting movie, it’s good too. Sleep brings with it only benefits — we rest, while the hands of the clock move further.

Thinking about sleep and rest, take care of the spine and get a pillow, a roller or a special cone (you can buy one for pumping), which inserted into the neck will definitely relieve our muscles and prevent numbness. Elderly people or those suffering from rheumatic diseases (or those who are cold!) Should take with them a small blanket that can be thrown over their legs and arms. It is also good to take off your shoes and put on an extra, warm pair of socks. Remember that even in the summer nights can be cool, therefore the basis on the bus is a warm fleece or comfortable sweater.

Which place to choose?
Many travelers, before getting on the bus, analyze for a long time where the best and most comfortable place will be. So crowded «back» has one big disadvantage — the lack of reclining backrests, but on the other hand is the only place where you can go with straight legs. An even bigger smile on my face provokes battles in double-decker buses for places on the mountain, necessarily in the first row. The view from there conveys the worst of all possibilities — driving in the blinding sun and heat even with efficient air-conditioning. The middle of the bus should be chosen by all who know that they can not withstand «from stop to stop.» The proximity of the toilet will protect them from being squeezed through the whole bus to settle their needs (especially at night, when you can not see much). However, sometimes they can be places that make the journey quite boring because of the smells coming from there. We will have the problem of choosing a place if we are assigned a place in a travel agency, which is most often the case in a line bus. People with motion sickness should choose seats in the front.

Probably the most frequently asked question during the trip is always «for how much do we stand?». No matter how many breaks there will always be people who would like to stop more often. This problem can not be solved, because it is impossible to get as often as the tourists would like, or go as long as the drivers want it. That is why pilots are often between the proverbial hammer and the anvil — on the one hand nervous tourists from the other driver who may not get down during work. For the two wrongs, however, I prefer longer journeys than 9 hours later in one of the car parks, so that drivers can make a regular break. Therefore, it is worth listening to the pilot’s advice at the very beginning regarding the frequency of breaks and to set it in advance. I always wonder why some tourists (especially teenagers) insist on a break, then they go outside and then sit on a bench or curb ?! If we already have this option, it is worth moving or walking around. Many travelers often complain about leg pain, swollen ankles, so if we are making a stop, the more we need to get going (even when driving, no one will say anything bad if we get up for a short while to do some sit-ups or toes Decisive number 1 at a stop — go to the toilet! A bus is not a train where the waste is discharged on a regular basis (although this is already changing), and the more filled the toilet the less enjoyable is the ride on the bus. I will mention the occasion that they will be small, euro or dollars, because, as in Poland, not all toilets are free.

Alcohol and meals
Now the most contentious and controversial issue, namely the consumption of meals and alcohol on the bus. Few know that in Western countries it is forbidden to eat on the bus while driving. I am not completely convinced of the correctness of this provision, however, what sometimes happens on the bus exceeds the limits of understanding, and certainly my forbearance. Chinese soups, cold fish, boiled eggs, and even a chicken passenger are just a few examples from my experience. Remember that we are not alone in the bus and not everyone responds to this type of smells during the journey, not to mention the mess that remains after such a meal. In addition, the food, during a dozen or several dozen hours of travel, simply breaks, damaging not only the fresh smell, but also our health. I do not think anyone would die of hunger if this one time a year during a long journey will eat something warm at the station or a simple sandwich while driving. Do not take with us heavy products, which as a result of a short pleasure of food can lead us only to the uncomfortable toilet. The second issue is alcohol abuse. Probably no pilot will pay attention to anyone, if everything is done in accordance with the principles of respect for other passengers and culturally. Unfortunately, for many people being lightly exasperated during the entire trip is a remedy for all the inconveniences associated with it. Worse, however, when this light exhilaration turns into being loud and troublesome for co-passengers, exposes to unpleasant situations at the beginning of the joint holiday and sets us in a group of disliked participants. I do not even mention extreme situations when you have to stop the bus for airing and cleaning, because they do. You have to travel with alcohol while traveling — be sensible and remember that a person disrupting travel and violating someone else’s privacy may be punished by a local authority, taking into account the local tariffs!

Finally, a suggestion for parents of young children, without unnecessary commentary. A baby, two-year-old, three-year-old or preschooler will get tired on the bus!

Let’s think about whether it is worth having a few euros more in the wallet on holidays and going by bus, or maybe you can fly by plane — not all are created for this way of moving. For all those who, however, like this way of traveling and will choose it as a means of transport for this year’s holidays, I wish you a wide road and the very friendly co-passengers!

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