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How to survive a long journey by bus?

A long bus trip — to Greece, Spain, France or Croatia, for many travelers will be the proverbial «road through torment».

The most important thing is not to think about how long it will take to travel, but focus on the pleasant things that await us at the destination. What else will help us survive a long journey by coach?

The convenience of traveling
In the first place, preparing for a long journey by bus for holidays or work, we have to think about your own comfort (check also information on the website Dworzec Online). If possible, make sure to reserve two seats on the bus, so that we can easily lie down and sleep most of the route. Sometimes on the bus, passengers choose their seats for themselves. Let’s not get on with someone driving alone unless we have no other choice.

Choosing places on the bus is also very important for the passenger’s comfort. The seats at the front, the driver’s wheel or in front of the bar and central or rear doors are relatively the most advantageous, because they can be folded boldly, but none of the co-passengers will be able to spread the seats on our knees. So we will have plenty of space to put our legs.

In hand luggage, we should have a pillow and a blanket to cover with at night. If you are traveling by bus on a long journey in the summer, get dressed lightly, but do not forget to take socks or a warm sweatshirt. The socks will be useful in an air-conditioned coach, while the sweatshirt will be necessary during stops in the middle of the night, when the outside temperatures fall strongly. You need to get dressed in comfortable clothes that will not push us. Sitting in the coach, we can safely take off our shoes.

If we have symptoms of motion sickness, let’s take Aviomarin tablets before traveling. They will allow us to survive the journey and easier to fall asleep.

To kill time
It’s easier to survive a long journey by coach if we bring a good book, newspapers, crosswords, board games or a laptop with mobile internet or DVD movies. For music lovers, MP3s filled with favorite songs are recommended. All these entertainment elements will fill us with time spent on the bus. We can also always talk about various topics with travel companions or meet someone new. High-class coaches are fitted with TVs that allow you to play DVD movies. Drivers make sure that their passengers do not get bored, so they play available titles. They will not necessarily be cinematic novelties, but the classic will also allow you to kill time.

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