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How to survive 17 hours on the bus?

17 hours. That’s how long it took to travel to Tallinn one way. Quite a long time. The bus is not a train. Space is limited. 3/4 a day in such conditions seems to be an unbelievable murder. What to do not to die of boredom?

I spent 42 hours of travel to Greece sleeping and puking for a change — said Gosia, when I asked her whether to do what during a long-distance bus trip. Hearing this answer, I understood that a person with motion sickness is not the best expert on the animation of free time on the bus.

It was a long journey that made me finally go to Tallinn alone. I am not surprised at all those who I tried to infect with the idea of ​​leaving, because in fact, almost all day in a small space, with knees under the chin, this is not what the most-loved ones like. But I knew what I was writing.

After the first year of my studies, when I went to work in England, I spent even several hours more on the bus. It was still the period when I claimed I would never get on a plane in my life and I was 100% sure that I would never change my mind. Only a few years later, like a consummate PSL politician, I revised my views. But thanks to that journey I knew that a dozen or so hours on the bus could be experienced.

In 2009, these were slightly different times. There were no electrical outlets and WiFi in the bus. All seats are occupied, mostly by people setting out, often for the first time, in search of a better life and perspectives. Big emotions, a lot of history. It was 6 years ago, maybe 7, and it seems to me that an eternity has passed since then.

At that time, actually, these several hours on the bus was a challenge. Today and a head full of other beliefs and traveling has become much simpler. So a long journey was not an obstacle for me to overcome. The more that I really wanted to see Tallinn, and the tickets were ridiculously cheap.

2 tickets, or Andrzej Król Cebula

One ticket to Tallinn cost 20 zlotys. So I bought myself 2. First of all, with the thought that maybe someone spontaneously will decide to accompany me on the trip. Secondly, knowing that 2 seats are 2 times more space, and therefore travel in much better conditions. You know, in a situation where we have a bus that is full to the brim, I can always pull up and ask: Excuse me, can you? answer: I’m sorry, it’s occupied here. You can always resist a buddy or a friend and you can manage somehow. But with a stranger? I would have resistance.

So I had 2 tickets. It turned out that unnecessarily, because the bus was not so full, everyone had enough space for themselves, but I knew the risk. So, with 2 places, I settled down quite comfortably and pushed my legs into a narrow gap between the seats. There used to be much more leg room in Polski Busie. This is not mine, it seems to me. In Vilnius we had a change — from Polish Bus to Polish Bus — and the spaces in the second coach, clearly older and more damaged, were much larger.

Even with this larger foot space, however, the bus remains a bus. You will not get through the wagons, you will not go to WARS, at most you will use the toilet. Good and that, but after all, you will not be going to do every half hour, because it will eventually get bored. So how to deal with such a long journey? In total, I will not reveal any unknown recesses of the universe to you. The things I write about are quite obvious, but I will tell you what I did when going to and from Tallinn to make the long journey.

Movies and TV series — as there are no problems with the current in Polskie Busy, the laptop filled with films and TV series proved to be perfect. Among other things, I refreshed the dusty Seven Fincher, watched the sensational Ant-Man and the very weak Hitman. I did not have the strength for ambitious cinema.

Food — as for a dozen or so days I try to eat healthy food, eat 5 meals, planned and more or less measured in terms of the number of calories, I took a chicken box with vegetables, half a kilogram of carrots and apples to chew on the bus. I’ve been eating carrots all the time when I’m hungry. If you have any better alternatives, please, because I’m getting bored.

Games on the iPad — yes, I am a child. Candy Crash Saga and some other logical games were very useful when I was tired of reading and watching movies.

Pillow — I’ve been wondering for a long time whether to take a pillow, a blanket or both, but finally the choice fell on the first thing. Maybe Jasiek is not the most comfortable in transport, but it increases the comfort of travel by several degrees. I can not imagine the survival of this trip being based on a cold window. The cushion has fulfilled the task.

And it really is the whole handy set that accompanied me. I said, I’m not revealing. These things were enough for me to have a nice trip. I was definitely not bored. Probably because I did not count time. I rarely checked what time it was, I did not count how much until the end when we arrived. I was half asleep — a movie, a book, a nap, a game, a book, a nap, a movie; biting apples and carrots all the time. Managed to. It was not terrible. It was quite nice.

If you take any other gadgets on a longer journey, let me know in the comments. Certainly not one long trip before me and before you, maybe the next I will go with something more in my backpack.

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