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How to get to Hamburg?

Hamburg, because of its enormously big port and docks, as well as llong tradition of international trade which has been successfully continued today, remains one of the most important economical centers in Germany and the meeting point for the international business. It a city with extremely well developed infrastructure and public transport which is supposed to build good communication not only with German cities, but also with all Europe.



How to get to Hamburg by train?

Reaching Hamburg by train is safe and pleasant solution. There is a network of quick trains around the city, for example we can get from Berlin in Hamburg in less than 2 hours and train is equipped with free wi-fi, wide seats, on-board catering. Such travel costs around 60 euro or more. If you’re travelling to Hamburg from abroad by train, getting to Berlin and taking a train from there might be a comfortable solution.

Distance : 281 km
Drive time : 1 hr 43 min
Ticket prices : 53 EUR – 97 EUR
Carriers : Deutsche Bahn AG, Železničná spoločnosť Slovensko a. s.


How to get to Hamburg by bus?

Get to Hamburg by bus makes sense as well. There are plenty of private carriers who travels to Hamburg from abroad. If you’re travelling from another German cities, you could take Flixbus, buses go almost twenty four hours seven days a week. Bus is always relatively cheap and quite quick solution. For example you can go from Berlin to Hamburg even for around 10 euros and it takes a bit more than 3 hours to get there.

Hamburg by bus
Hamburg by bus


How to get to Hamburg by car? There are many routes and highways leading to Hamburg, if you decide to go there by car, you can take a road nr 7, 39, 24, 23 and plenty of others, depending on where you’re coming from.

You can also get there very easily by plane, Hamburg has a huge international airport which serve for both, home and international flights in several dozens of countries and directions.  

Of course the preferable kind of transport depends on your budget, needs, goal of your travel, the amount of people travelling with you and so on. If you want to do it cheap, the best idea would be taking a bus, but it might be more complicated to travel by bus if you’re for example a parent with small children. A car gives convenient freedom, but on another hand you have to be aware of difficulties with parking that might happen and taking an extra costs into the consideration. A plane is always a nice solution, sometimes there are very nice sales and you can buy it cheap, but if you would like to do a big shopping in Hamburg, then you need to remember about baggage limits. Every possibility definitely has its pros and cons.

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