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How to get to Hamburg from Warsaw?

Hamburg, as the second biggest city in Germany after Berlin, might be an interesting travel goal for people from Poland. Reasons might be different, it could be just travelling for pleasure, shopping or business, however, it’s important to find a perfect kind of transport, taking into consideration our budget, reasons for travelling and time which we can spend on the road.

 bus to Hamburg from Warsaw

If you need as soon as possible to get to Hamburg from Warsaw, the best idea would be travelling by plane. You can take a direct flight LOT Polish Airlines from Warsaw Chopin Airport to the Hamburg Airport Helmut Schmidt. Prices might be totally different, but basically they oscillate around 500-800 PLN.

How to get to Hamburg from Warsaw by bus?

If you’re searching for the cheapest solution for travelling take a bus to Hamburg from Warsaw . There are plenty of private carriers who offer direct routes from Warsaw to Hamburg. As an example we can mention Madeltrans, EST-Lorek, Becker Reisen, Sindbad and Eurolines. Prices mostly oscillate around 30-60 euro, depending on carrier, day and hour.

How best to get by car from Warsaw to Hamburg? Probably the quickest and the most recommended way is driving by route A2 and A24, it shouldn’t take longer than around 7h and a half. Another possibility is driving on A2 and after into direction of Potsdam, Magdeburg and Hannover, which should take around 8 hand a half. The third suggested possible road crosses Polish border next to Szczecin on route A6 and then you should take a German route A20. It also should take around 8h and a half. All suggested routes includes toll roads. If you would like to decrease costs of travelling and you’re ready to share your car with other people, you can try to use Blablacar.


car from Warsaw to Hamburg

How to get to Hamburg from Warsaw by train? The best idea is to take an Express Intercity train from the Warsaw Central Station to Berlin Hauptbahnhof and then to change to the Eurocity train to Hamburg from the same railway station. Such travel can take all together around 9h and costs around 30-55 euro from Warsaw to Berlin and then around 60 euros or more from Berlin to Hamburg. Again, prices depend on day, hour and other factors.

The kind of transport that you will possibly choose depends on what you really want to do in Hamburg, with whom, how much money you have, how many days you spend there and so on. Anyway, among all these possibilities, for sure you’ll find a perfect way.

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