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Choosing a seat on the bus — security issues

Bus seats with the changes in public transport in Europe, the bus becomes the primary means of transport for millions of people. City or intercity buses are not associated with the comfort of travel, and occupying a particular seat is usually accidental. However, in the event of a road collision, choosing a seat on the bus can be extremely important to our safety.

How to choose a safe place on the bus
Statically traveling by bus is considered one of the safest modes of transport. Road accidents with their participation are rare, but due to the dimensions of the vehicle, the risk to travelers may be high.

Each of us has their travel preferences, especially when the bus has to spend a lot of hours on the road. However, what prompts us to love comfort does not always coincide with safety recommendations. Here’s a handful of advice and information!

Seat belts on the bus
seat bus In accordance with the Polish Road Traffic Act (amendment of 2005), drivers of a motor vehicle and passengers are required to fasten a seat belt. Since 2007, however, it is forbidden to register tourist buses in Poland without the use of belts — that is why the traveler must fasten them if the seat is equipped with them. The advantages of such a procedure are obvious for reasons of safety of human life and health, however, according to statistics, only 76% of vehicle occupants wear a belt (only 44% on buses). It is worth mentioning that the police are promoting and controlling the use of belts more and more intensively. In the summer, these controls will be intensified, and a 100 PLN fine (without penalty points) may result in failure to comply with the requirement.

At the window or from the passage
bus childIndividual preferences determine if we sit on the window bus, or choose a place from the side of the corridor in the middle of the vehicle. Some prefer to sit by the window to admire the views moving behind him, others prefer to sit close to the passage to get up at any time or go to the toilet. In Poland, recently, PolskiBus offers seats at tables in specially prepared places, where there is more room for legs — such tables are comfortable, but they do not add to the safety pool. Road traffic tests show that in the case of side collision and dump trucks, more passengers who are sitting «away from the passage» have more chances to get out of it. This involves the possibility of breaking windows when hitting the barriers and the route of evacuation resulting from coach regulations. At the same time, in the case of a frontal collision, «from the window» is considered safer.

Choice of a row of seats on the coach
bus GraphicsIf we are not just on a school trip, we should listen to specialists and avoid the first and last rows of seats in the bus. In the event of a collision in the longitudinal axis of the coach, crumple zones are located there. The safest places are those in the middle of the vehicle, apart from the row adjacent to the possible middle door (and most often with the toilet). The main rule is to choose a place that has at least one row of seats in front of you that can save us from inert movement during an accident. Always make sure that you can place hand luggage safely in the row of seats you choose (the shelf above your head, the net under your seat). It is not always obvious if we sit on the so-called «Wheel». If the coach has an upper deck, the seat on the windshield, although extremely attractive, is not considered safe in the event of any type of collision.

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