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Can animals be transported by bus?

The carrier decides about the transport of animals on board the coach. When planning a trip, find out whether such transport will be possible by contacting the carrier’s office or checking its Regulations.

Transporting animals by bus
The carrier decides whether you can travel by bus with an animal. Detailed information on the conditions of transporting animals will be provided by contacting the carrier’s office or checking its Regulations. As a rule, carriers on international lines forbid the transport of animals on their coaches, but in special cases they may withdraw from this rule. The carriage of animals on domestic lines is more often allowed, however under certain conditions included in the Carrier’s Regulations.

The conditions of transporting animals
When planning a trip with an animal, make sure that such carriage will be possible. Contact the carrier’s office or refer to its Regulations.

Some international carriers allow, at the Passenger’s written request, the carriage of small pets on board their coaches. The transported animal must have the appropriate documents required for entry into the country of destination and appropriate accessories (leash, muzzle, cage, etc.). In addition, a fee is charged for transporting the animal, the amount of which is determined by the carrier. If the procedures allowing the carriage of an animal are successfully completed, please note that such carriage must not interfere with other Passengers’ travel.

In the case of carrying guide dogs, a dog assisting a disabled person should have a certificate confirming the status of an assisting dog and other necessary documents and accessories, depending on the requirements of the country of travel and the carrier’s regulations.

Refusal to transport animals
Even the carrier, who agrees to transport animals on board their coaches, may refuse to transport without a specific reason, if on the bus there could be too many animals or if it considers that the animal may threaten the safety and quiet travel of other Passengers.

The rules for the carriage of animals vary from carrier to carrier, so it is very important that you plan your trip carefully to see if it is possible to transport the animal.

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