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Augsburg tourist information

Augsburg tourist information

Read about all the hotels, restaurants and nightclubs before you visit them. We will guide you to all great things in this amazing city.

Things to do in Augsburg

The city of Augsburg, Germany, located in the south central part of the country is located strategically on a major trade route so points of interest in the city include visits to one or more of the major historical sites. The museums, including the house of Leopold Mozart, the Fugger banking center museum and an impressive number of both Catholic and Protestant churches dating back to the 9th century. A visit to the famous marionette theater is a must while in the city. You can visit several sites significant to the Protestant Reformation including sites associated with Martin Luther.

You can find more specific information in our sections about Augsburg museums, events in Augsburg and also in our popular section about the entertainment in Augsburg


Augsburg shopping

Augsburg shopping can be done in one of two main areas. Most tourists spend their shopping time in the central part of the city and focus on interesting handicrafts and beer—perhaps to take home. Further out from the center of the city is the city Gallery that is much like a shopping mall in atmosphere. Many shopping areas are not open on Sundays, so don’t schedule major shopping expeditions on this day. Many local Augsburg shops won’t accept credit cards yet, either, so you should go shopping expecting to make a payment in cash. Products such as religious icons, cloth and jewelry are well known in Augsburg

For complete information where to go please look in our special section about the shopping in Augsburg. You could also buy a shopping guide from our Augsburg webshop.


Car parking — car hire in Augsburg

A car hire in Augsburg provides you with the opportunity of arriving in the city via plane, renting an automobile and enjoying perfect freedom to tour or stay in areas in or near Germany, France, The Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland. Germany highways have the highest reputation for road speed and condition, so you may want to upgrade the family sedan rental to a sports car just to enjoy the experience of high land speed travel. Take your pick of Citroen, Passat, or Peugeot at varying prices. In addition to the typical airport rental shops, you can find car parking — car hire in Augsburg locations spread throughout the city.

We have a great booking section if you want to rent a car in Augsburg. You can also get more specific information about all the transportations in Augsburg. Please visit our section about the Augsburg transportations in that case.


Augsburg hotel — Augsburg restaurant

Thousands of people look for an Augsburg hotel or restaurant each year during their pilgrimage to see some of the significant places of the Protestant Reformation. Others look for hotel accommodations in order to make some of the side trips to the nearby village of Friedberg with its 12th century castle. Augsburg restaurant fare is as German as might be expected, with various types of sausage dishes lining the menus. Dishes cooked with onions , potatoes and cabbage are popular; and should be washed down with local beers. Prices tend to be quite reasonable and the ambiance is like nowhere else.

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